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Whole Foods VS Dollar Store

There has always been debate over whether organic fruits have more antioxidants or vitamins than the non organic ones. A thorough research from Stanford University suggests there is no significant difference between organic and non organic fruit. Sometimes we even go further and set our own limits and draw a circle around a specific store. Here at Foodective we decided to investigate the difference between a well known organic store "whole foods" and a well known dollar store "99 cent store". We picked lemon to compare from both stores and to be fair, we decided we rank them on few simple factors. - PRICE Whole foods lemon costs about 2 to 3.5 US Dollars for each pound. It varies from state to state. Same Lemon costs about 0.35 to 0.89 US cents for each pound. The difference is obvious, Dollar store crashes the whole foods in price! - LOOK We compared both lemons side to side and judged them by the looks. You decide which one's more handsome but as far as our crew concerns whole food's wins this round. - SUCCULENCE By comparing the lemon juice produced by each lemon (relatively), It was clear that the Whole Foods lemon contained about thirty percent more juice than its 99 cent store counterpart. - VITAMIN C Using a vitamin C reagent, we compared both lemon juice to test out which one has more vitamin C. Stanford university had already taken the fun out of it and we knew the result might have been the same but there we had it, They both had the same amounts of vitamin C. To be fair we have to say that we picked the store and the lemons randomly and the results (Not the vitamin C) might have been different had we chosen another day or location but the vitamin C amount will stay the same.